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Residential Projects

Residential Roofing Services



  • Metal Roof Repairs
  • Roof Replacements
  • Frame Upgrades
  • Colorbond & Zincalume Products Used
  • Flashings

With many options in the marketplace(such as roof painting) many uninformed home owners and investors fall prey to a cosmetic face-lift that may not last. We use only the best BHP colourbond quality steel which comes with a 20 year warranty.


Why take the chance? -when for not a lot more financial commitment- you can have a brand new colourbond roof, upgraded roof frame (as required) and insulation which far outweighs the benefit of painting rusted roof sheets. Was your house built before 1985? If so, you may be living in a time-bomb as the roof battens are only nailed to the main frame and may not withstand even a category 3 cyclone.


To re-roof your home means your roof frame is upgraded (eg. batten screwing and strapping with builders strap) to meet council approval with an ex-builder to do the certification with over 20 years experience in NQ. Also insulation is installed as a building standard on all re-roofs. All work comes with QBCC home warranty insurance which provides 6.25 years warranty so you can rest easy.



  • Box Guttering
  • Colorbond
  • Leafguard
  • Guttering

It is surprising the difference good gutters make to your home or building  and with such a wide array of Colorbond colours to choose from this can certainly make all the difference. Also, good gutters mean water drains where it should and does not pool where it should not.



  • PVC Downpipes
  • Roof Drainage Solutions
  • Metal Downpipes


Insulation installation

  • SilverCell
  • Aircell
  • Foil-faced Wool


Energy efficiency is not only important but necessary for quality of living. G &  J West Roof Plumbing installs all types of insulation. For example batts, aircell or foil-faced wool of a higher grade quality for comfort all year round.

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